ProStock Review 2022, Genuine or Scam!


If you are searching for a ProStocks Review then you are at the right place because in today's article we are going to discuss in detail ProStocks review. So if you are interested in ProStocks review then read this article till the end, it definitely adds some value in your mind. 

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If you are searching for a ProStock Review then you are at the right place because in today’s article we are going to discuss in detail ProStock review. So if you are interested in ProStock review then read this article till the end, it definitely adds some value in your mind. 

ProStocks Review 2022

What is ProStock and How does it work?

ProStock is the online trading platform that offers you to trade in the equity and F & O. It is the fastest growing flat free discount stock broker platform that offers you to trade in the BSE at stands for Bombay stock exchange and NSE which stands for national stock exchange. But majorly this platform is famous for its trading platforms and their plans let us discuss it in detail.

The most famous monthly plan of ProStock is rupees 899 per month in that you will get unlimited equity and derivative trading, on the other hand, the unlimited currency derivatives plan is for Rs. 499 for a single month. 

But if you are not a long-time investor or trader then these above plans are not valuable for you in that you can also offer the rupees 15 plan that is applicable for each trade you make in Pro Stock.

You can definitely check out these above plans in detail on the official website of ProStock. Now let us understand the charges that ProStock will take in 2022. 

Charges of ProStock in 2022

There are lots of charges available in the ProStock platform, all depending on you, which type of activities you are doing. Let us get a quick review on how much charges you will need to pay if you want to open an account on ProStock.

  • If you want to open a trading account on this platform then there is no fee or charges applicable it is free to open a trading account.

  • Also similar to that Demat account also has no opening charges. As you have noticed, there are lots of Demat account opening platforms that charge a lot of money but this ProStock platform doesn’t charge any amount for opening a Demat account.

Now in our mind a question arises that if there are no charges in the account opening then the brokerage charges will be very high, later we reveal that.

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Brokerage charges in ProStock

  • Equity:- if you are buying any share of a particular company then you will need to pay flat rupees 15 per trade. But if you have bought the unlimited trading plan of rupees 899 then you don’t need to pay a single amount in that case. 

  • Intraday trading:- also this is similar to the above one because also in that you will need to pay rupees 15 per trade that you made but if you have an unlimited trading plan then you are not able to pay a single rupees.

  • Currency:- same here also 15/- Rs per trade. And not for the plan holders. 

How to open a Prostock account online

There are very few online platforms and stock exchange offers free online account opening service, in that ProStock is one of them. You can simply open an account on ProStock with just a PAN card and aadhar card. But the important thing is that your mobile number must be linked with your aadhar.

There is a very tiny process of opening an account on the ProStock platform. Within a few minutes your account can be made. As per the other platform you need to download the form and then print it and fill after that attached the signed paper, and then send the form, this is not applicable in the case of ProStock.

As you know, there are lots of positive and negative things about an online trading platform. If you have and mind to open an account on the pro stock then before opening it please read the advantages and disadvantages of ProStock.

Advantages of ProStock

Advantages of pro stock platform are as follows:- 

  • There are monthly plans available on this platform that help you to reduce the brokerage charges while trading.
  • ProStock offers you to open a two-in-one account of Demat and trade in a single account.
  • There are no charges for opening a Demat or a trading account on ProStock.
  • The customer service of this application is very powerful and useful to the user and quick response as well because it gives 24 into 7 customer support.
  • Referral income is also very good on this platform because it gives 10% of the brokerage fees of each trade that your referral made.
  • With the help of ProStock, you can also easily apply to the online IPO released by the new companies.

There are very few disadvantages of this platform but I need to know before making a Trust on it. 

Disadvantages of ProStock

  • ProStock doesn’t offer you the three-in-one account which means they do not offer banking services to the user. It just offers trading and Demat accounts.
  • ProStock hasn’t introduced the commodity trading feature.
  • It has only BSE and SME IPOs services you cannot book the IPOs of NSE and SMEs are not available

Conclusion for ProStock Review

ProStock is one of the best trading platforms available in India and has very less brokerage fees. The best part of this platform is there are no charges for opening an account on it. Also, the brokerage fees in each trade is similar in each case of investing or trading or also in intraday as well. Rupees 15 per trade is quite high for the low investment amount but in case of high investment it definitely helpful to the user.

Also, this application provides trading plans for the traders. If you are a trader and daily buy and sell the stocks then you can definitely check out it because it really helps you to save your rupees 15 trade by giving a specific amount.

I hope you will enjoy this ProStock Review.

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